Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Klout Perk: Chloe + Isabel

A couple weeks ago I got a Klout perk for a discount on Chloe + Isabel jewelry. Typically I don't pay much attention to the perks that are just discounts but I decided to take a look at their online store.

Some things were pricey but there were also more reasonably priced items and with my discount in hand, I couldn't pass up this necklace. It's so simple but unique and goes with anything.

I like the necklace but what I really loved was the experience. The necklace came in a really cute canvas bag stamped with the adorable Chloe + Isabel birds logo. Tied to the necklace was an orange felt bird. Note that even the clasp on the necklace has a tiny metal bird attached. Such good attention to detail!

I have my favorite local shops for jewelry (FAHSYE!) but if I had to get a gift that would be shipped to a friend out of town on short notice the presentation chloe + isabel provide makes them a great alternative!

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