Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pet of the Week

Meet Lolo, 6 months old Male/Neutered Terrier Pit Bull Mix.

Lolo is a happy, young pup who loves to play and learn. He's a very smart boy; already sits for treats and takes them with a gentle mouth. We are working on teaching him how to correctly walk on a leash but he does appear housetrained. Lolo was dropped at the shelter at 6 months old, almost full grown with absolutely no training. He has a sweet personality and is very smart. We are working with him to try to get him to focus more and to react with his nose instead of his eyes. This will help him become a less excitable puppy when he sees movement. Lolo will do best with an experienced owner who will make him part of their daily fun. Obedience training is recommended to teach this young pup how to be the best dog he can be. It will also channel his energy and his intelligence while building a strong bond with his new family. With consistent training and love in this pup’s life, he will grow into a better dog than he already is and loving companion. Take the time to visit with this pup; he is much better looking in person at 184 Verona Street. If you would like to foster him, please contact Ginny at 585-355-7203.


Shanti #1960642

Shanti is a 10 month old female pit bull mix puppy who weighs 38 pounds. She's full of energy and eager to learn. She has been doing well learning to share and training will need to continue once she's adopted to help her adjust and continue to develop good manners. She's lived with other dogs and we think she'll do well in a home where any children are age 14 or over. Bring the whole family, dogs included, to meet Shanti at Lollypop Farm.

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