Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An ice cream weekend

While we were home we stopped at a childhood favorite... The Igloo. The Igloo is a classic. They serve up rich and creamy frozen custard. My favorite flavor is Grapenut. I've never found it anywhere but in PA. All it consists of is vanilla frozen custard with Grapenut cereal mixed in!

On our way home we stopped at good ole' Lewisburg Freez. Hugo was pretty eager to put his order in for his doggie dish.

I tried a new offering - salted caramel!

Here is just about one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Sometimes we make faces in our ice cream cones. I got the idea to feed the ice cream creature a bite of ice cream. Ice cream cannibalism!


  1. Grapenut ice cream is my favorite as well! I grew up on the border of NY/PA and whenever we crossed into PA to get ice cream Grapenut was always my choice. If you ever find yourself on Cape Cod, Sundae School in Harwichport has amazing Grapenut ice cream. Only place I've found outside of PA that makes it! I've been tempted to try it with my ice cream maker at home but just haven't gotten around to it.

  2. Grapenut is a staple of RI ice-creameries, at least in the south-eastern part of RI (which, honestly, isn't all that far from the Cape.) I always considered it a RI oddity (along with Del's Lemonade and coffee milk), but I guess it's a PA favorite as well! MMMM.

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