Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coffee ice cubes

We are having a heat wave so it's time to switch over to iced coffee. After seeing a tip online, I froze a batch of ice cubes made from coffee for ours.

This way, when the ice cubes melt... they don't water down your coffee.

I also made some coffee to keep in a carafe in the fridge. Mix that with some coffee ice cubes, vanilla syrup and milk...

ahhhh.... refreshing!

I found some other coffee inspiration online so there will more java posts to come!


  1. <3 the shameless plug for Pittsford Farms Dairy!

  2. I am a big fan of Pittsford Farms Dairy : )

  3. I love all of your coffee posts. It is such a simple pleasure. I love, love, love iced coffee. Can't wait for more coffee posts!!