Saturday, June 1, 2013

New AMC Theater renovations

I heard the AMC movie theater in Webster had done some renovations recently. We hadn't seen Iron Man 3 yet, so I suggested we go see it there. Right away I noticed that they did a lot with the lobby. Opened it up and redid the ticket and snack counters.

They put in the Coke machines where you can mix your own soda. Great idea!

I however, went for the White Cherry Icee! Treat Yo-self.

The real kicker was when we went into the theater. They replaced all the old seats with reclining seats.

They. Are. Amazing. The aisles are double wide so you can extend the leg rest and fully recline. I have never been so comfortable in a movie theater. I don't think we can go to any other theater now.

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  1. I rarely go to the movies but we have plans this summer to check out the next Despicable Me when it comes out. I would love, love, love to find a similar theatre out here.... Not sure if they have one.... We do have those cool Coke machines though... :o)