Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Jolla

We loved La Jolla so much we decided to spend our last day in San Diego exploring there.

They had interesting beaches with tide pools and rocks near Children's Pool beach.


Oh look more sea lions.

Children's Pool used to a beach for kids but the sea lions have taken over. ORK ORK!

We walked all the way to a trail that goes along the edge of the cliffs above the caves we were snorkeling at just days before.

What a view!

We found the Cave Store which has a tunnel that leads down into Sunny Jim's Sea Cave. I love stuff like this!

Enter at your own risk, but it's perfectly safe!

This is what you see from inside the cave.

Some of the best views were here!

See you later San Diego! We had a great time.

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  1. I honeymooned in San Diego/La Jolla in 1990 -- and my photos look a lot like yours! I remember going to Sunny Jim's cave and walking along the cliffs. It was awesome.

    --Regina (@Songbird_Hollow)