Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffee in Switzerland

I have always found the coffee in Europe to be devine. Whether it's at a cafe or even on a boat, they take such care in preparing it. And the happy cow milk is a plus also.

Even the hot chocolate there is beyond excellent. They may use a powder packet but it is fine chocolate. And they steam hot milk for it... no water mixes there.

We fell into a routine of a latte macchiato and a chocolate croissant every morning. Being so close to France... Swiss baked goods are delightful also.

One morning I switched it up with a waffle instead of a croissant.

Back in the US, it was hard to wake up and not think - "Where is my milky latte macchiato and delicious chocolate croissant?" But at least I have my Nespresso machine which I still love.

Nespresso comes from Switzerland so I made sure to stop into one of the stores when we happened up on it in Zurich. Look how happy I am. It's like visiting the mothership.

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