Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Aaron and I hauled our pumpkins home to PA and carved them at my grandmother's house. Note the pug hovering in the background. Those two LOVE to eat raw pumpkin!

They got little snips and chunks all night as we carved. At one point I caught Oscar starting to gnaw on Aaron's unsupervised pumpkin.

I ended up chopping up the bits of pumpkin we cut away and stroring it in a container to feed the pugs as treats later one.

Aaron thought the pumpkin guts were tasty too! (No, not really)

A shout out to this magnificent pumpkin carving tool my friend Joel made. I posted about a rather expensive high end carving set I saw online and he offered this up. This thing means business. It cut through pumpkin like butter and I was a little afraid of it. I think it could have taken my finger off too.

Tah-da! Our jack-o-lanterns this year. Aaron's is on the left, mine on the right. My Dad said they kinda look like us.

Yeah maybe they do.

Mmmm. Those seeds didn't go to waste. Roasted them with butter and salt. Next year I'm going to try some more adventurous flavors.

Note - I looked for Snack Jacks at Wickham Farms, those amazing hull-less seed pumpkins I love, and they didn't have any this year! Bummer!

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  1. adoro la zucca e tutto ciò che si possa creare con essa..

    complimenti e alla prossima...

    ps.: mi sono segnata tra i tuoi lettori così non mi perdo le tue prelibatezze...

    by Anna