Saturday, October 5, 2013

We are in Switzerland! Starting with Zurich.

We are in Switzerland! As part of Aaron's MBA program at University of Rochester's Simon School of business, he has to travel to Switzerland for a week of international study. I booked a ticket and am tagging along. Our first stop is in Zurich and we have the weekend before his classes start.

I love traveling in Europe because there is so much history and everything is so... well, old, This is Fraum√ľnster Cathedral. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside which is a shame because the three windows facing the water are stained glass designed by Chagall in 1970.

Across the Lammat River which flows through Zurich into Lake Zurich is another impressive cathedral called Grossm√ľnster. According to legend it is build on the site of church commissioned by Charlemagne. It was begun in 1100 and finished in 1220.

We spent a lot of time just walking along the river and taking in the sites.

We joke about how much older everything is here. We see things on the American Antiques Roadshow that we thing are quite old that these folks would shake their head at and say... "Noooo. That is quite new."

Zurich really isn't very large. We pretty much walked everywhere.

Shops close here at 5pm and are not open on Sunday so evenings are spent enjoying restaurants and strolling around.

The buildings were lit up at night. Great for picture taking.

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