Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas gifts: Etched glass jars

A few months ago, Aaron got me a Martha Stewart glass etching kit. I finally got it out and etched a few jars. It's so easy and works so well! I decided to make my peeps glass jars with their names on them for Christmas gifts.

Even better than using the stencils was creating my own using my Cricut and vinyl adhesive.

Each jar got peppermint candy sticks and a cute lid with handle. Now I want to etch everything!!!


  1. Hi, I am definitely going to do this! After I ready your post, I went to and watched a how-to video, and it really does appear to be as easy as you said!

    1. It's a lil more work with bought stencils. I recommend buying multiples of an alphabet so if you have a word like "merry" you can do it in one shot.

  2. Ah, good to know! Insider tips are always helpful. These would make great Valentine's Day gifties too...filled with conversation hearts or Red Hots!