Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Mantelscape: Milk Glass and Vintage Shiny Brite

I tried something very different with our holiday decorations this year. We are in the middle of our DIY kitchen renovation, which means everything from the kitchen is now in the dining room. It seems like there are boxes sitting all over the house. It makes the house appear extra cluttered and our containers of Christmas decorations in the attic seem so far away.

Instead of fighting my way to the Christmas boxes and dragging everything out, I took my milk glass collection, put it on the mantle, and added pink, gold and turquoise vintage Shiny Brite Christmas tree ornaments.

Simple and clean. I love how this mantelscape looks at night with a couple candles lit.

Oh and the centerpiece is one of the wreaths left over from the craft bazaar.

I think it's one of my favorite mantelscape!


  1. Hi! I saw this, and I think you need it:

  2. I have loads of milk glass and after seeing what you have done, will be creating my own mantelscape this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your creativity!