Friday, January 3, 2014

A look back at 2013

We had a soup swap.

I went to Palm Springs

We explored Rochester Subway.

I juiced a lot.

My sister got married.

We grew and juiced wheatgrass.

We went camping and ate like kings.

I turned 40.

We rode our tandem bike and I got a trike.

We grilled a turkey.

I baked english muffins and started a #latenightbaking trend

We ate at food trucks in downtown Rochester.

I walked for heart health with my peeps.

I down rappeled down 21 stories.

We had a summer CSA veggie share and canned things like garlic scapes.

I discovered the joys of iced coffee.

We walked in the Fast & Furriest for raise money for RAS & I did the social media & sat on the board for VSAS.

I made a scene from Empire Strikes Back with marshmallow peeps.

We got a pretty good harvest from our veggie garden.

Oscar and Hugo enjoyed a monthly bark box.

We saw Spiderman being filmed in downtown Rochester.

I made a poster for Spokes & Ink and served on the Genesee Center for the Arts & Ed board.

I added new vinyl to my collection

I took a letterpress class and printed cool stuff.

We watched the sunset on the beach and blew bubbles

I designed a poster for the Roc City Roller Derby.

Aaron built me a greenhouse.

We went to San Diego where we sea kayaked and cave snorkeled.

I celebrated 15 years with Kodak. Then our division was sold.

I sold crafts at two shows with my two best peeps.

We saw the Lumineers and Fun in concert.

I was a little obsessed with jars and cuppow.

We went to Switzerland were we went to the top of the Swiss Alps.

We painted the house and put in a new kitchen floor.

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