Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lanterns: St. Patrick's Day Shamrock version

I made my peeps St. Patrick's Day solar lanterns out of Dollar Tree $1 solar stake lights and the new green Ball Mason jars.

Each one got a little gold glitter shamrock painted on it. I added a stack of "gold coins" and a stamped tag to each jar to finish them off.

I found that the solar stake lights they are carrying at Dollar Tree for Spring are the perfect size for fitting in the canning ring of a pint mason jar. They look especially nice in the new throwback green and blue Ball Mason jars.

The "light" part pops off the stakes very easily and the top fits snugly into the canning ring. Anyone have a project idea for lots of leftover light stakes? : )

I was pretty surprised to find how well the solar lights work for only $1. They charge in the daylight and then automatically turn on when it gets dark. I bought a bunch of them so I can have them for projects. Right now I have two in the kitchen and they work like night lights.


  1. One idea for the steaks - if you can, glue them onto the bottoms of the jars and plant in the ground or a plant!

  2. Replies
    1. Pretty well! I had low expectations considering they were $1 but they charge by a window during the day and each evening they light up and while they aren't crazy bright they are about as bright as a night light.

  3. Glue the stakes to the bottom of tim cans and have a drink holder to stick in the ground while sitting outside. Love this idea going to have to make a few for the kids!

  4. I did these and wrapped craft wire around the top of the jar I made a handle to hang them with .I hung them on the short thin shepherds hooks that I found at dollar tree .LOOOOve them !!

  5. Pretty well! Love this idea going to have to make a few for the kids!

  6. Maybe windchimes???

  7. Hola!!! could you please tell me the size (capacity) of de Ball Mason Jars? Thanks