Sunday, April 13, 2014

Starting Seeds for Garden 2014

Today was wonderfully warm and I finally had a chance to plant my veggie and flower seeds!

I used strips of newspaper and my little wooden PotMaker to make newspaper pots for the flower seeds.

So handy.

Here they are... all ready to go.

I stashed them all away in the toasty warm greenhouse. I also planted some posts of herbs. The garlic is already coming up in my garlic planter. Big plans for Garden 2014!


  1. The boys asked to plant some seeds for Earth Day. Probably will plant some marigold and maybe green peppers. Do you order seeds, or just get them at Home Depot or wherever?

    1. Yes, I order my seeds from a seed catalogue but I'm sure seeds you would buy at Home Depot or elsewhere would be just fine!