Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strawberry Picking 2014

The strawberry season is late this year. That worked out for us since we were gone last week.

It was a hot day to be out picking in the strawberry field.

I had some frames left on my one time use camera from the beach, so I used it up in the strawberry field. Love this shot of Tina.

Aaron concentrated on finding the biggest, plumpest berries.

Yeah, I brought a special basket.

There were some freaky berries this year.

We went to Tina's after for shortcake so I made some lemonade to take.

I made strawberry basil lemonade. I just mix up chopped basil, sliced strawberries, simple syrup and juiced lemons. I've seen some other more involved recipes online that I might try next time.

Tina made a delicious strawberry shortcake!

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