Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 Memorial

Being in the Navy Reserves, Aaron occasionally participates in military ceremonies around Rochester. Today he was in the color guard for the dedication of a 9/11 Memorial at the Chili Fire Department. I went to the ceremony and saw the two pieces of beams that came from the fallen Twin Towers.

9/11 was the national tragedy of our generation. Our "where were you" moment similar to the Pearl Harbor of our grandparents and JFK assasination of our parents. It may seem like the flashbacks of that day engulf the day each year but someday time will pass and it will not be as fresh in our minds so I think it's important to remember it while we can. Hopefully the next generation will not have another tragedy like this to take it's place.

More about the story of how the Chili Memorial came to be on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

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