Thursday, September 18, 2014


Tonight Aaron, Liz and I went on a downtown tour of Rochester called ROC360.

I took the opportunity to shoot some film in the stereo/panoramic pinhole camera around town.

The guides were sharing some interesting information about buildings around town. Unfortunately we were so busy snapping pictures we kept getting left behind.

Apparently after I took this shot of Aaron...

... I left him in the dust.

I think it was worth it though. I got some great shots.

The tour ended on the 21st floor of the First Federal Building. It was once a rotating restaurant called Changing Scene but is now the offices for CloudSmartz.

There is a great view of Rochester from up there.

It's nice to have a reason to take some time to walk around downtown and then hang out for a bit chatting with friends and meeting some new people. You can see some of the other photos taken at ROC360 here.

UPDATE: Aaron's picture from ROC360 won #ROCTopShots for the week!

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