Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

As soon as I saw on Whittier's Facebook page that they were picking Honeycrisp, I had Aaron meet me at the orchard after work. I asked him to bring my fruit basket ; )

I like going to big agritainment orchards that have wagon rides, donuts, cider and other fall delights but when it comes to getting my Honeycrisp fix... I don't mess around. We head right for Whittier Fruit Farm.

I read a sign at the orchard that their trees are trained to stay small so the apples are easier to pick. As someone on the shorter side of the height spectrum, I appreciate that.

We picked a big bucket for snacking. These are too good for applesauce or pie. Just straight up snacking.

Honeycrisp is my favorite apple, but lately there is a new contender...

Last year, SweeTango tweeted me and asked me to give them a try. They sent me a box of them and some other goodies to try. I just realized that I never posted about it here. I will find the photos and do an update.

I will say, they were good enough that when I saw in early September that Whittier had SweeTango apples for picking, I scooted out there and picked a bucket. Look for the SweeTango post soon.


  1. I don't think we get Honeycrisp apples here in Australia. My favourite variety is the Pink Lady which I pretty much eat exclusively. It's available in the supermarket though so it's not a specialist variety.

    1. Jess - The Honeycrisp were developed at the University of Minnesota and their site says they are grown worldwide now. Looks like they are only grown in Australia here...

      Grahm's Factree
      160 Thonemans Road
      Hoddles Creek, Victoria 3139
      Phone: +61 3 9999 1999

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I'm a huge fan of Cortlands, myself. Apple picking is one of the best parts of fall, isn't it?

    May I ask where you found that fabulous hat in the last photo?

    I've been a very long-time lurky reader and am constantly inspired by you to keep life colorful. Just wanted to say thank you. :)


    1. I look forward to it every year! The hat is from Goorin Bros... it was on clearance sale on their site. Google them, they might still have them on sale!

    2. Aw, it doesn't appear to be there anymore, but thank you for the tip on the fantastic hat site!