Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Playlist showdown

When we travel to my parents' house we are in for a five to six hour drive. There's a lot of music, podcasts and audio books to pass the time. Before our last trip we had just watched "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist" one of my top movies. Nora has fallen for Nick via the mix tapes he makes for his ex girlfriend which find their way to Nora. I was quite the mix tape... ummm... mixer? when I was in high school. It went on to CD burning and now playlists.

I suggested to Aaron that we both make a mix for each other that we would reveal on our ride home from Easter. There weren't any rules and here is what we came up with.

As you can see I am an iTunes devotee. My playlists typically have 15 songs, a fave number of mine, but for some reason this came out to 14. The songs vary from movies we have seen together (I love soundtracks and we JUST watched Begin Again) to songs we have listened to over and over for years (SugarCane), to ones that have a message (like Nice to Be With You). The one thing I did was avoid songs from our wedding playlist... that seemed too easy.

Aaron is an overachiever and his playlist came in at 18. As you can see his music tool of choice is Spotify. Our differences in music tools is a constant topic of jeering, boasting and scoffing. Aaron was quick to point out that Spotify was not playing the songs in the order he wanted and that brought on a bout of scoffing on my part. He is definitely leans toward the Blues and Eddie Vedder which he readily admitted. Note we both had Wishlist on our mixes and Stolen too. A couple wedding songs made it onto his playlist but I can't blame him - they are good ones.

This was a fascinating and entertaining exercise and I think we will repeat it... maybe with different themes. I do love a good theme.

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