Friday, July 31, 2015

Grapenut Ice Cream

Tonight we made a batch of Grape Nut ice cream. I know it sounds strange but it's so good. I grew up with the Igloo which specialized in Grape Nut ice cream (well, frozen custard). It's just vanilla ice cream with Grape Nuts mixed in. Really simple. It adds crunchiness and nuttiness.

I always thought the Igloo was the only place that had Grape Nut ice cream. Turns out Grape Nut ice cream can be found in Canada, New England and Jamaica. (Jamaica? Who knew?!)

You can't find Grape Nut ice cream in Rochester though, so we made our own.


  1. One of our local shops sells Cape Cod Crunch - goes grape nuts one better by adding dried cranberries and chocolate shavings! I imagine some of our tourists didn't like it though, because sometimes the servers ask to be sure I know what's in it!

  2. Well I need to try that next time we make ice cream! Thanks!