Monday, July 20, 2015

How to make pugs comfy outside

We like to spend time outdoors and the pugs like to be outside with us. Some of that time, we spend relaxing on a lawn chair or hammock. The pugs spend that time gazing wistfully at us until we let them sit on our laps. Or they lay pathetically on the ground as if to say "Oh woe is me. See how I lay on the cold hard ground." It was decided that they needed their own pet lawn chairs.

What we found was this outdoor pet lounger - a Coolaroo Pet Bed.

The Coolaroo company is pretty interesting. They started off making a fabic 50 years ago that was ideal for providing shade. The durable fabric blocks UV rays and heat but lets cool air pass through. Perfect for a company founded and based in sunny Australia. They went on to make sun shades, sun sails, umbrellas, hammocks and yes, pet beds.

The pugs seem pretty pleased that their butts are up off the ground now.

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