Thursday, September 10, 2015

A rose by any other name you can't figure out...

We planted a lot of new bulbs and seeds this past year. Unfortunately sometimes I forget to write down what we plant and it's a bit of a mystery when flowers come up.

I knew this was a cosmos. That was no problem.

This one stumped me. Like a cross between a cosmos and a daisy. Luckily Aaron found an app to help us identify these flowers!

Like That Garden app lets you take a picture of a flower and then it offers up suggestions of what it might be. We use it to identify neighbor's flowers that we like!

Using this app I was able to figure out that the mystery flower is a Chrysanthemum, Tricolor Daisy.

And I also learned that this weird looking daisy is a Crazy Daisy or Leucanthemum.

They aren't wilting. They look like this all the time. Like a daisy that just rolled out of bed.

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