Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Introducing... Wyatt

We have a name for Kitten! His new name is Wyatt. After the famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp. They have the same mustache!

Here is a nice full shot of Wyatt. You can see his "spats", "white gloves", "waistcoat" and of course his dashing mustache.

I was worried that a cat this cute couldn't possibly have a good attitude too. What were the chances of us striking gold twice? But he is the sweetest. He loves people and wants petted all the time. He loves being picked up and carried around. Of course I oblige.

We couldn't ask for a better relationship between Stewie and Wyatt. Stewie is so patient with Wyatt's kitten play attacks. And he is already teaching him bad habits like drinking out of the tub faucet.

Stewie and Wyatt remind me so much of the Friskies' Dear Kitten videos.

Dear Kitten, When you are thirsty, I suggest you visit the big, white canyon to drink from the shiny spout of refreshment. It is much better than the stagnant water the humans put out in a dish. Meow and look at them pathetically until they turn it on for you.

Wyatt and the pugs are another story. Although both the pugs are very comfortable with Stewie and vice versa, they do not seem to realize that Wyatt is the same sort of creature. Instead they are convinced he is here to kill us all in our sleep. This leads to whining, barking and lunging as soon as they see him. Wyatt of course says "Oh no way" and hisses back. Then it spirals out of control. We are cycling turns of Wyatt shut upstairs/pugs free and pugs shut in kitchen/Wyatt roams free. We also have sessions of Wyatt free with pugs on leash. We are making small bits of progress.


  1. Welcome Wyatt! Can't wait to see him join your year-by-year photo shoot! --Regina @SongbirdHollow