Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vintage Halloween Blow Mold Lawn Ornaments - and a little history

This is taking me dangerously close to having another collection, but when you love holidays and decorating as much as I do, it’s hard to ignore blow mold decorations.

Blow molds are those light up Santas you see in yards at the holidays. And not those fabric ones that require a fan. The old school plastic ones with the hole in the back. They are called blow molds because that is exactly how they are made. Plastic is melted and then blown into a mold using air pressure.

I tried to find information online about the history of blow mold decorations but it was a bit scanty. There is a bit in this blog post and this blog post and this blog post. From what I can tell they have been available since the 1940 but it was the Pink flamingo lawn ornaments in the 1950’s that made them really popular. The famous pink flamingo was designed by a guy named Don Featherstone if you can believe that. AND he passed away recently ON June 22 WHICH just happened to be one day before Pink Flamingo Day! Coincidence? I think not.

Blow mold lawn ornaments still seem to be going strong… as evidenced by this Facebook page and this Facebook page. I like smaller sized ones, that sit on a table rather than the large sized ones. And now, I am really into the Halloween ones. Particularly vintage Halloween ones.

I went to an antique shop with my mom and I was on the look out for them. I wasn’t disappointed as I found two for $7 each. There was one more I didn’t get and now I’m kicking myself.

I’m looking forward to putting them on display for Halloween. (Holding out for October however)