Saturday, November 7, 2015

#69 in Top 100 Influential Women Leaders... for a week

I was scrolling through Twitter when much to my surprise, I discovered a tweet announcing that I was #69 on a list. A list of 100 Top Influential Women Leaders! It is measured by social media klout score.

The top of the list had ladies like Oprah. Oprah!

And there I was at #69.

The list regenerates each week and it now has 250 Influencial Women Leaders... and I have moved on down to #144 but it's still pretty cool.

I'm so glad I took screenshots while I was #69! So I can look back fondly on it. ; )


  1. That is pretty darn awesome! Congratulations!

    --Regina @SongbirdHollow

  2. This is so great!! Congratulations to you!!!