Monday, December 7, 2015

Food in Seattle

Traveling means finding new food to try. As soon as I got to Seattle I checked Yelp for interesting spots to check out. My first day there I was on my own and I found a restaurant near the hotel called What the Pho. I may have picked it just for the name but the pho with meatballs was delicious!

Just because we are traveling doesn't mean we miss our favorite meal of the weekend. For brunch we went to Sweet Iron for waffles. It's a tiny little place that serves Li├Ęge waffles with all sorts of toppings.

Aaron had berries and whipped cream while I had brie, bacon and basil. Pretty amazing.

After some sightseeing we stopped in at Biscuit Bitch right before it closed. It's a kitchy little spot where they serve up biscuits with even more toppings than you could get on a waffle.

I am talking gravy, fried egg and spam. Oooh la la, it was so good and filling. They were super nice there too.

Top Pot seems like the place to get a doughnut in Seattle. We managed to squeeze one in before flying out. I actually found the apple fritters to be the best thing there.

I'm sure there were a lot more restaurants to check out. I'm looking forward to coming back again to try them.

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