Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Handmade gnocchi

Whenever we go for our Christmas tree with the Clarks I like to make something special for dinner after. We have a running joke about gnocchi and some folks inability to pronounce it *ahem* (Charlie) so I thought it would be fun to make. I have never made gnocchi before so I did a good bit of research beforehand.

Luckily I had all the tools I needed. I had JUST bought the wood gnocchi board in Seattle so I was feeling pretty authentic.

I followed this recipe which had a lot of good tips. It kind of blows my mind that gnocchi is really made from potatoes. No wonder I love it so much.

Never thought my vintage ricer would get a work out like this.

There is a lot of discussion online over whether the ridges are necessary or not. They are supposed to make the sauce cling better.

Perfect little gnocchi.

We served the gnocchi with red sauce and a cheesy alfredo sauce. These did turn out incredibly light and fluffy. Maybe even too much so. If that is possible.

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