Friday, January 22, 2016

Date night at The Playhouse & Swillburger

Over in the South Wedge neighborhood, there is a very cool new establishment. Within an old building that was once a church then a machine shop then a theater, is now The Playhouse and Swillburger. This includes burgers, a bar and an arcade. How many cool things can you fit in one spot?

Aaron and I went there for a date night. Swillburger offers just what you would think - burgers. Besides the burgers you can get fries, a salad or milkshakes. I noticed that one of the burger toppings was hot jam. I didn't get it but I really need to try it sometime.

I thought the fries were fantastic. Thin and crispy. We also got an order of vampire fries which are covered with garlic. That was a bit overwhelming.

We didn't get anything at the bar but we did enjoy the arcade. My favorite is the zombie shooting game, House of the Dead.

To top it all off, Ugly Duck Coffee was there with their pop up espresso bar. I have been trying to catch up with UDC for awhile so it was nice to try them out.

Turns out one of the owners of The Playhouse is the owner of the Owl House, another favorite spot in Rochester. All in all, The Playhouse and Swillburger make for a great date night!

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