Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking back at 2015

I wasn't going to do this again, but I really enjoyed looking at the one for 2014 so I'm squeezing it in before January is over.

Survived the coldest winter ever. In the history of man, I'm pretty sure.

Completed the kitchen renovation.

Made some new Korean dishes.

Fed the birds at Mendon Park.

Spun steel wool for some cool photos.

Went camping.

Flew the drone over sunflower fields and waterfalls.

Made our own yogurt.

Went snowshoeing.

Saw the ice volcano.

Got a crepe maker. Best purchase ever.

Annual maple weekend.

Saw Guster and Nate Russe in concert.

Said goodby to Jim's Restaurant.

Went to Niagara Falls.

Watched a great airshow and Aaron got to fly in Fat Albert.

Walked to raise money for Verona Street Animal Society.

Hung out with horses on our annual trip to the Outer Banks.

Saw movies at the drive-in.

Took the boat out a lot.

Drooled over a pyrex exhibit at Corning Museum.

Welcomed Wyatt the moustached cat into the family.

Ate a lot of apples, donuts and apple cider on my #RocFallFarmTour

Mourned the loss of our family's long time companion, Wally.

Won a pumpkin carving contest.

Had our first craft show together as Janda Made.

Visited Seattle and had a fantastic time.

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