Thursday, September 21, 2000

Autumn in Rochester.

We were heading down to the Ralph room when Millie commented on how fallish my outfit looked today. I glanced down at my rust colored shirt, tan pants, brown and green flowered socks and dark brown Doc sandals. I suppose it was a subconcious wish for autumn.

I love autumn. Once I get past that sicky "back to school" feeling, I love the changing leaves, cool air and that...that fall smell. I want to run through piles of leaves, carve pumpkins, sip apple cider and wear brown.

Nature hasn't been cooperating though. It rained so much this summer everything is still lush and green. Yesterday, it was hot out. I was uncomfortably warm in my fluffy pink fleece pullover.

I am anxious for that autumn feeling, but it just isn't there. I even went to see "Autumn in New York" but that certainly didn't help. (Who thought Richard and Winona would have any chemistry?) It wasn't at all like "You've Got Mail". Now there is a movie that starts off with an autumn feeling. Tom Hanks emails Meg Ryan "I love autumn in New York. It makes me think of bouquets of pencils and the smell of scotch tape."


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