Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Fly me to the moon.

Yeah. I got a little summer place upstate. Well ok, way upstate. Well ok, actually it's on the moon. When I was in Toronto for the Film Fest with friends, we spotted a copy of the local paper with the headline that you could buy 1,000 acres on the moon for $10. "Oooooooh" I thought and then quickly forgot about it in our pursuit of John Cusack.

Then today I get an email from Patrik announcing his purchase of lunar property. I must admit I was rather dubious. I went and checked out the website and I was convinced it was a joke. The guy refers to himself as "the Big Cheese". But I read on... the FAQ's outlines how no government can own extraterrestrial property, but individuals can. So this guy, Dennis Hope went to his local government office and made a claim for the entire lunar surface, thus starting a business called the Lunar Embassy.

Both Joel and I pored over the site and it sounds as legit as something of this nature could sound. So I bought 1777.58 acres of Lunar surface for $15.99. Facing the Earth. I considered buying some land for my parents. Would I want them living right next to me on the moon? Then I decided 1777 acres should be enough room for all of us to spread out.

Kristen is already planning out how she is going to get there. She doesn't like to fly. Myself? I plan to ride through a wormhole in a metallic sphere shouting "I'm ok to go! I'm ok to go!"

The site clearly states that even though I do in fact OWN this land, it is more of a novelty. I'm not a sucker...really. I figured it was only fifteen bucks. I'm not planning to build my vacation home there or anything. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an interest in space. I thought the map showing you where your moon property is located and the lunar deed would be cool. At any rate it will look nice hanging next to my certificate and map of the star Aaron had named for me last Christmas.

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