Friday, September 15, 2000

Go take your aleve!

I didn't blog yesterday because I was at an all day quarterly review/team building experience. Now we are back in the office, our bitter cynicism, fresh and renewed.

Today has been a day of debates. Should Harry Potter be banned? Is it okay to put ketchup on macaroni and cheese? Was it wrong for Palmer (Mathew McCanaughey)to ask Ellie (Jodie Foster) if she believed in God at the interview session in "Contact"? Are the Olympics worse for allowing professional athletes to compete? These may sound like trivial matters, but they have been hot topics today. Forget polititians. Send designers to the UN. Designers have rather strong opinions they aren't scared to voice. "There is NOTHING wrong with that shade of yellow, the 36 pt helvetica DOES TO look fine and Richard SHOULD NOT have gotten the million dollars!"

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