Tuesday, September 12, 2000

I've got a porcupine in my throat.

My throat hurts. It started as a tickle on Friday and now it feels like a rug burn in my esophagus. I thought it was due to the super sonic wind tunnel air vent above my desk. Maintenance has been playing games with us by turning it on full blast then randomly turning it off. Off...on....off...on. This test of our endurance goes hand in hand with my Matrix-like conspiracy theory. I believe that polluted air from the factory plants is being pumped to our office buildings and put through our air system to be filtered by our lungs. The clean air is then reintroduced into the environment and the company wins conservation awards.

Then I got an email from my sister. She was here for Labor Day weekend with my parents and we went to the Thousand Islands. She wrote, "On Thursday I lost my voice and my throat got really sore and raw. On Friday, I skipped school and went to the doctor's. I have laryngistis." Oh REALLY?!

This does not discredit my theory.

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