Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

When I was a kid I had a Sesame Street activity book that showed you how to make a bird feeder out of a milk carton and shovel and pail out of a Clorox jug. Good fun. My great Aunt Janet used to make wind mobiles out of plastic liter soda bottles to hang on her RV. Clever.

Helpful Heloise would be pleased.

After lunch Millie was telling us about her friend seeing Tanzaniers with Kodak film canisters in their ear lobes. Was this sad or was it a fascinating anthropological outcome? That started a whole discussion of the use of (nice word) found objects/(not so nice word) commercial waste in the creation of other objects. Is it resourceful? Is it creative? Is it tacky?

Joel told us about these hats he has seen made out of beer cans. Well this I had to see. We did a search on the web and came up with text only. I needed a visual. And then the answer came to us. Where can you find such a prized and useful item? Ebay.

We found four. The more common version consists of cut outs of beer cans with holes punched around the sides and crocheted together with yarn into a hat-like shape. Then we found one that was totally comprised of cans with leather lacing. Millie took a closer look and said "Now that is a quality piece of merchandise" .

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