Friday, September 8, 2000

Where's my popcorn?

The event that I have been researching and planning for is finally here. Today I am heading to Toronto with Aaron to meet folks from work and Kristen flying in from Boston for the Toronto International Film Festival.

There are many different reasons for going. With over 300 films screening, I hope to catch a few star studded red carpet flicks and maybe some artsy fartsy independent ones. I know Tina is hoping to run into celebrities powdering their noses in the rest room. I want to come home discussing movies that won't be out for ages. Oh yeah and there is shhhhhhhopping and eating to be done also.

This has got to my one of my most well planned events. I am an avid list maker... but I think this time I outdid myself. Early on I searched the web for what movies with which Hollywood stars would be there. I know when and where the movies are playing, and where the stars will be eating. I ordered my passes a month ago. I constructed outfits in the fall hot colors of wine and berry. My maps are highlighted and camera loaded. An article I read said that when in the presence of a star you're not to gush, stare, or touch them. Hah! Forget that!

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