Thursday, September 28, 2000

Would you like blue, blue, blue or blue?

Speaking of VW bugs... I must say I was rather disappointed in the new bug color, Vortex Blue. Not that it isn't a great color... but there are already THREE blues. I was also disappointed when they released the Reflex Yellow (acid reflux yellow) and the Vapor Blue. Again, nice colors, but I expected something different. We already had the lemon yellow, bright blue and dark blue. Why didn't they make a nice violet or pumpkin orange? (Even though some people have something against the color pumpkin)

Actually, maybe its better they don't make a really super color, 'cause then maybe I would regret my color choice. The official name of my cars color is Cyber Green. Joel thinks that is stupid but I think it sounds cool. If I was trapped in the Matrix with Neo, Trinity and Switch, I would want my name to be Cyber Green.

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