Sunday, October 8, 2000

Bjork made me boke

Well it wasn't Bjork's fault. The movie "Dancer in the Dark" was filmed shaky camera style. I was just as nauseous as I was at "The Blair Witch Project". I was ok for the first half hour and then it hit me. Like motion sickness. I had to sit with my eyes shut or stare at my hands. At least there were these dream/fantasy sequences that Bjork had that were filmed traditionally, perfectly still, and I could watch those.

So what I could see of the movie I enjoyed. Tina thought it was lacking in humor and too long (2 hours 20 min... oh I was counting!), but I thought it was good. Bjork was very good. She has such an interesting voice of course, but she really put herself into that role. She did win Best Female Performance at the Cannes Film Festival.

I need to get one of her CD's now. You know, bring it all full circle. Except the bokey part.

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