Saturday, October 28, 2000

One of the few upsides of having a good friend move away, is when they come back to visit. Kristen has been living in Boston for nearly six months. Now she's in Rochester for a Halloween holiday weekend. I caught myself several times saying she was coming "home" for the weekend.

As always it's as though I only saw her just yesterday. But now she has new stories about new places and people. I have new stories too I suppose.

K, Patrik and I caught up at the new night spot, Rhythms. It's a fondue/piano bar. Mmmm... fondue. Cheese and food on sticks. Pure genius. Patrik amused himself by spearing innocent grapes and immersing them in hot oil fondue.

Tonight is Patrik's Halloween party. Time to ice the cupcakes and get out the ole butterfly wings.

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