Thursday, October 26, 2000

Yesterday I found this newspaper clipping in my mailbox at work. No, someone wasn't trying to get rid of me. Abby put it there with good intentions. We all have been awaiting this day.

Krispy Kreme. Where do I begin? I don't know when I had first heard of this doughnut heaven, but I sure remember the first time I went there. This past summer I was in Virginia with Aaron and he took me to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. *sigh* I ate five in one sitting.

Arguably, they are not the best doughnuts in the world....that is, when they are cold. Their claim to fame is that blessed sign "Hot Doughnuts Now". When you see that sign lit up you know the little fellas are scooting their way down the conveyor belt toward the "Wall O' Glaze" (step 7).

The doughnut clerk will take your order then walk back to the belt and using a highly technical instrument (a stick) plop your warm gooey doughnuts into a box and bring them right out to you.

You don't go home. You don't go the office. You don't even try and make it out to your car. You sit down right there and consume these light, fluffy, sticky, sweet doughnuts hot off the press. They melt in your mouth. You know how chocolate chip cookies taste best right out of the oven? The same goes for doughnuts.

I didn't think I could return to Rochester knowing there wouldn't be a Krispy Kreme to frequent. I began to seriously consider moving south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Lo and behold, I found the strength to carry on when construction began this fall on our city's first Krispy Kreme. I drive out of my way to go past the construction site to check up on the building's progress. I wanted to attend the groundbreaking. I wrung my hands when a week of rain showers swamped the concrete foundation.

This morning on my way to get the Bug's oil changed, I noted with satisfaction, the familiar retro roof of the building awaiting its shingles. Now they are hiring their crew of bakers, maintenance workers and doughnut finishers. friends....soon.

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