Thursday, November 30, 2000

Holidays around the corner

I am so crackin' excited for Christmas. I already got a Christmas card in the mail. Strings of lights have started popping up on houses. Personally I'm holding off on putting up my decorations until it's actually December. I like to try to contain Christmas in one month. Seeing Christmas decorations on the shelves right after Halloween... Ick.

And OH, the Christmas paraphernalia. Here are some shopping sightings that should get you in the holiday mood...

Books: "12 Days of Christmas Pop-Up Book" I love pop up books and this one is amazing.

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas", the movie looks creepy so just read the book which you can get in the deluxe edition and the Latin edition, which tells the story in Latin, with a translation dictionary of the words in the back.

Olive the Other Reindeer Olive is one of Loobylu's favorite things and it's easy to see why.

Music: Muppets Christmas CD, favorite parts of this CD, Miss Piggy shouting "Piggy pudding?!" and Beakers turn in Twelve Days of Christmas "meep meep meep meep meeeeeep".

Martha Stewart's Christmas CD, in my eyes this woman can do no wrong. It's a love/ hate thing.

Charlie Brown's Christmas CD, classic classic. I watch the TV special every year. The sad little tree Charlie Brown brings home and Linus's reading of the Christmas story on at the Christmas program. *sniff*

I already got the Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea. Very festive and yummy. And my lips are pepperminty from the candy cane lipshine I got at the Gap.

Maybe I'd better start shopping for other people on my list now.

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