Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Did I mention what a pain it was hooking up the DVD player? I now know things about cables I never wanted to know. RCA, Svideo, RF Coaxial, digital coaxial, 5.1 connection.

There was no problem hooking the player up to the reciever (that's the stereo I learned, duh). But my tv only has one input connection, RF Coaxial. The DVD player needs S Video or RCA. Aaron had to go pick up an RF Modulator. An RF Modulator sounds like the thing Marvin the Martian used on the Bugs Bunny Show. "I will be forced to shoot you with my RF Mod-u-lat-or!"

We didn't get the DVD player actually hooked up and running until 3 days, 2 trips to Best Buy and 1 trip to Radio Shak later. There's a fearsome rats nest of cable behind the TV. Heaven forbid I have to vacuum back there.

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