Friday, January 5, 2001

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was excellent, it had laughter, it had tears and it had girls kicking butt.

It's nice to see a movie where the female wasn't huddled in a corner while the hero attends to the bad guy and saves the day. These women could really kick the poo out of you, while they retained their sensitivity and emotions.

Of course Aaron was on the edge of his seat grinning as the fight scenes were carried out with increasingly impossible marvels. The warriors nearly walked on air as they ran up walls and across tree tops. When we left the theatre, Aaron tried to skim across a lawn of snow and was treated to snow down his socks. Nice try.

Oh and the bunnies are reenacting the scence where Jen is trying to escape by running up the side of the building and Yu Shu Lien hangs onto her leg.

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