Wednesday, January 24, 2001

World Burp and Ayn Rand

A few of you dedicated readers may be familiar with my term "World Burp". (a topic (often obscure) popping up in your life from two different sources in a relatively short time span) I recently experienced a World Burp about Ayn Rand from "Sluggy Freelance" and Tom Hoehn (coworker). Everyday I read the online comic "Sluggy Freelance". Recently the ferret named Kiki was possessed by the spirit of Ayn Rand. Not long after, Tom regaled us with his tale of woe trying to acquire a book, from a Waldenbooks (whose employees apparently don't know books from a hole in the wall) and a woman in front of him with the same problem who was trying to find Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead". I mean, how can I go year after year without her name ever coming up and then within the span of a few days hear about her from both an online comic featuring a switchblade toting bunny and a random Thursday lunchtime converstion? Bizarre is it not? (ok, maybe only to me)

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