Monday, February 26, 2001

The Images Mystery

Last week, in the middle of the day, my images suddenly stopped loading. I couldn't figure out what the problem was...

• It wasn't Blogger, 'cause images on my Diaryland site didn't load either.

• It wasn't me, 'cause everyone else had broken images on their blogs too.

• It wasn't the computer or browser I was using to view with, because noone else could see the images either.

I figured it was GeoCities, where I stored my images, so I wrote them an email. I got my answer. They replied today...

"We've made changes to our system that prohibit certain files from loading outside of our domain ( This means that some of the files stored in your Yahoo! GeoCities directory can't be referenced directly from links outside of However, these files will remain accessible from any web page. This change ensures that our resources are supporting visitors to Yahoo! GeoCities web pages and providing them with the best possible experience."

Drat! They caught onto me.

So I started storing my images in Tripod, but for some reason, only the first few jpegs loaded and after that, only gifs would load. And how much longer will Tripod allow me to access my images from the outside?

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