Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Jenny, Tina and Tony went to Robert Redford's Sundance ranch today. Well, Tony slept in the car while they walked around. She found more soap while she was there. I know she already bought a ton of soap a few days ago but I guess she couldn't resist. I know that Robert Redford probably had a hand in making it, so how could she have passed it up. I hope she has enough room in her luggage to haul all these wonderful cleaning products home. Hopefully the plane will be able to get off the ground with all the extra weight. I think she has a problem...she's addicted to bathing products. She just can't pass them up when she sees or smells them! They just call to her from the shelves, "Jeeennnnyyyy, I willl maakkkee yoouu smeellll reaallly goooodd anndd youurr skkinnn wiilll bbeee exxtreemeelyy ssooffttt aanndd ssmmmoooooth.".

After going to Sundance, she and Tina headed over to the outlets to see if they could find some good deals. She is frantically searching for the perfect pair of "snow-sneakers". Everyone here in Utah has them and she thinks it would be perfect if to have a pair to wear to Winterlude! - Aaron

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