Wednesday, February 21, 2001

MIR Emergency

"The Russian parliament urged President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to halt plans to sink the Mir space station in the Pacific next month, saying it was vital to the country's prestige and security." - CNN

I say it is vital to keep it up there because where else will the winner of NBC's "Destination Mir" go?

Remember I mentioned the show several months ago? Expressed interest yet fear of this undertaking? "'Destination Mir, is a gravity-breaking new reality adventure series for the 2001-02 season on NBC. The Mark Burnett ('Survivor') production will follow several civilians as they undergo intensive cosmonaut training, in hopes of winning the chance to blast into space for a visit to the orbiting space station, Mir." - NBC

Thanks to Abby for pointing out you could see Mir in the night sky and to Patrik for telling me it's coming down next month.

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