Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Tooth Reprieve

I thought I had a dentist appointment today. Instead of heading off to work this morning, I brushed my teeth three times and flossed twice. I was apprehensive because I hadn't been flossing everyday this winter. And they know when you haven't been flossing. They always know.

Then I thought to myself, "Funny...I haven't gotten one of those tooth shaped postcards in the mail telling me it's time for my appointment. I double checked the little card they gave me at my last appointment, and what do you know... it's supposed to be April 27th.

It's not suprising I made this mistake. September and March are my "taking care of business months". This is when I go to the dentist, eye doctor, get my oil changed...etc.

The good thing is, I have been given a second chance to escape the wrath of my dental hygenist. If I floss like mad for the next month, noone will know I was a slacker this winter.

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