Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Train of Thought... from snow to Mir.

Last night I was thinking about what it would be like if the Mir Space Station crashed in my back yard. Here is how I arrived at that thought.

Step 1: I am watching the weather report about the impending snow storm.
Step 2: I consider the possiblity of being snowed in.
Step 3: So then I think about not going to work.
Step 4: *thinking* Oh yeah, Tina won't be at work, she is going on vacation. I wonder if the snow will delay her flight.
Step 5: Uh oh, she might miss Survivor on TV, while she is gone.
Step 6: The Austrailian Survivor is pretty good. I wonder where it will be next.
Step 7: Oh yeah, that's right, it was supposed to be at Space Camp and the winner would go on the Mir Space Station.
Step 8: But the Mir Space Station is coming down this month.
Step 9: Ooooooh what if it landed in my back yard? Cool! *end of thought process*

It's frightening how my mind wanders.

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