Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Medicine head

I am feeling much better today. A little groggy in the head, but better. Cold medicine makes me a bit snoggy. I spent yesterday afternoon snoozing and staring at the huge balloon I got Saturday. I kept thinking how my medicine head felt sort of like the balloon, like in the old Sudafed commercials.

I love balloons. I know of a two people however, that are scared to death of balloons. I did a search for balloon phobia, and it is actually categorized as Ligyrophobia, the fear of loud noises. The anticipation of the popping is the actual fear I suppose. I don't know how else one could hate these cheerful bobbing orbs.

I wish I could do the twisty balloon art. I have tried but many a balloon has died in my hands. Check out these amazing balloon hats.

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