Monday, April 30, 2001


Joel has been having back problems. Possibly a herniated disc. Ughhh. Surgery would mean four to six weeks in bed. He has to go to physical therapy this week, hopefully to avoid that. I can picture him rolling around on the giant rubber ball.

It seems that a lot of my friends have back problems. What have they been lifting? (I know Tina was lifting her dog Grizzy) My back isn't in the best shape due to waitressing all through college. I was lifting huge trays with two meats, two veggies and two gravy boats, for banquets. I have been seriously thinking about taking a yoga class or at best getting some of the Yoga videos or DVD's.

So Joel isn't here today...he is at therapy... or crawling around his house on all fours. Sure is quiet here without him. Ho hum.

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